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About Us

Businessme® is a registered trademark of Business Me Limited %100 New Zealand owned. Businessme® sole purpose is to provide the utmost reliable business directory specifically to all its customers including businesses, companies and individuals around New Zealand.

Businessme® was specifically design to provide business directory services in supporting and promoting any sort of business around New Zealand. We can guarantee an increase in your customer number as well as boost your revenue two times higher than your normal daily income. Additionally, the more customers we have will be equivalent to your business in term of financial improvement.

As a result, we had successfully provided an extreme progress to all our current registered businesses throughout New Zealand. Consequently, it's the right decision for you to add your business today to be able to see the difference. Adding your business to our business directory is exceptionally easy and simple instructions to follow. To become a register member in our website, we are keen to provide you with the following but not limit to: List your business details. Map your current location.

List your business's open and closing time. List your business ongoing event. Advertise your business with Google map. You can update your advertisement any time after adding your business. Register your business with us and we will let your customer know you.

Always remember the faster you add your business to Businessme®, the higher the opportunity to increase your customer number and also profitable of course. Therefore, let your customer know you today by adding your business to Businessme®.