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Privacy Policy

Last update: Friday 20 August 2015

Businessme is an internet based business directory which allows New Zealand businesses to advertise and promote their business online.

Businessme sole role is advertising and promoting New Zealand businesses through their website http://www.businessme.co.nz

Use of your information

Businessme does not sell or rent our website's members personal information to third parties.

Businessme® obligations

  • Businessme will be responsible for providing services and information to customers.
  • Businessme will seek to address all customer inquiries and resolve all customer disputes within reason and within the scope and boundary of the law.
  • Businessme is responsible for removing any offensive or illegal business advertising from the website.
  • Businessme is responsible to set up an accounts for customers.
  • Businessme reserves the right to stop advertisers using the website if false and untrue information is provided or if any laws governing internet based businesses are broken and not adhered to.

Membership and user obligations

  • Member must treat the website in a way that does not damage or corrupt the businessme.co.nz website.
  • Member who advertising on businessme.co.nz must obey the rules and regulations set out by Businessme website.
  • Advertisements must not be of an offensive nature.
  • No content of a racist or pornographic nature will be allowed to be advertised on businessme.co.nz website.
  • You must not use any kind of robotic software to access or enter the businessme.co.nz website.

Intellectual property rights

Businessme is a registered trademark of Business Me Limited.
If you intend to register a domain name with the name "businessme" in it, we suggest you to think again.
All images, text, logos and graphics on the www.businessme.co.nz website are a properties of Business Me Limited and cannot be changed, altered or copied without the authorized permission of Business Me Limited.

If there's anything you don't understand or you required more information, please contact us.